Osceola County Catholic schools in the Diocese of Orlando proclaim the Gospel message within an academic environment of excellence that challenges students to be creative and critical thinkers who integrate faith, moral leadership and compassionate service in order to create a more just and humane world.

Foundation of Faith. Instruction for Life.

Choosing the best St. Cloud or Kissimmee private school for a child is a big decision for parents. You want your child to have all the opportunities possible for a successful, meaningful life. The “Good News” is that knowledge, skills, values and faith foundation acquired through a Catholic education have the power to impact young people in a positive way for a lifetime.

In keeping with the mandate of our Orlando Diocese, Osceola County Catholic Schools aim to cultivate the mind, energize the body and expand their hearts while fostering the capacity for right judgment and developing a strong sense of relationship with Christ.

Our St. Cloud and Kissimmee Catholic schools are committed to promoting a love of learning in order to prepare students as life-long learners and stewards of this world. Osceola County Catholic Schools serve students in Pre-K3 and VPK4 through 8th grade and are feeders to our local Catholic High Schools. Our schools are dedicated to academic excellence and teaching tolerance and social justice principles.

Four Steps to a Better Education

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  • 2 Tell us what is important to you
  • 3 Tell us what you would like to do
  • 4 We will contact you. That's it.